ATEN KVM Switch 16 cổng KH0116 (16-Port High-Density KVM Switch)

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Dòng sản phẩm: Rackmount KVM Switch

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16-Port High-Density KVM Switch

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The entry level series of ALTUSEN High-Density KVM switches are offered in 16 computer port configurations with a 1U high housing for convenient rack mounting. They allow administrators to control multiple computers from a single KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) console. All switches are capable of expansion to provide control of up to hundreds of computers from the original single console for a flexible and economical solution for server room administration.

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Convenient features to help network administrators easily manage their server rooms include three selection methods to obtain instant access to any computer on the installation—manual, OSD, and hotkey, while a powerful Auto Scan feature permits scan interval setting and automatic one-by-one scanning and monitoring of the activities of all computers running on the installation.
ALTUSEN High-Density KVM switches are available in serveral models. These include the KH0116, which, when combined with the KA9250 KVM Extender, can be accessed and controlled from a remote console up to 150m away via Cat 5e cable.

 ROHS Weee Windows 7
Patent No.

CN ZL 02122202.9 , TW 183765 , US 7386584 , US 7640289

Package Contents
  • 1x 16-Port High-Density KVM Switch
  • 2x Custom KVM Cable Set
  • 1x Firmware Upgrade Cable
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 1x Rack Mount Kit
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

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